Project Spotlight

Name: Demo Joint Unified School District
Needs: $90,000
Teachers Funded: 2
Annual CO2e Abated: 85
Pledge Status: $75,000

Summary: The Demo School district recently had its budget cut 10% while it’s energy costs have been increasing 5% in recent years. All of its classrooms have old T-12 fluorescent lighting fixtures, some which flicker and distract students while wasting energy. This project will utilize high-efficiency T-8s to save 20% off the schools lighting costs while creating a much more productive learning environment.

Posted by Admin on March 10, 2009  • 

Participant Spotlight

Name: Christine L.
Number of Generize Projects: 5
Personal CO2 Reduced (MT): 2
Favorite Project: Demo University: IT Retrofit

Biography: I’m a second year MBA student at Demo University studying General and Strategic Management, with a focus on Corporate Social Responsibility. While I’m originally from Lafayette, CA, I love Demo and care both about my school and its environmental impact!

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