Generize is currently under development as we line up pilot projects, fine tune our business plan, and pursue start-up funding. Hence, this website is simply a way to communicate our concept. That said, we are accepting email (below) and look forward to serving you in the near future!


What is Generize?

Generize is a social networking website that connects community members to projects which help meet local climate action targets. In this portal, a member can view projects, select one in which to participate, track it, and even recoup any investment in it through the generated energy savings.

In short, we partner with both local governments and the existing energy services industry to identify, vet, develop, and (in certain cases) fund energy service projects in the built environment. We are moving toward focusing on the areas below for our initial go-to-market strategy:

  • K-12 Lighting Efficiency Projects
  • University IT Efficiency Projects
  • Solar Thermal – Water Heating & Accompanying Efficiency Projects

While sustainable energy projects for buildings is the primary service that we offer, we help communities create, promote, track and report on all kinds of climate action initiatives. The best part for U.S. cities and counties: We don't charge you for partnering with us to help you meet your established goals. A few examples of these climate initiatives include:

Contact Information

As we are busy bringing this service to market, we apologize for any delay in response to your inquiry. For all inquires below, please put “GENERIZE INQUIRY” in the subject line:

General: For reasons other than those listed below, please email:

For cities/counties wishing to partner with Generize, please email:

For non-residential, not-for-profit entities wishing to submit a Generize project, please email:

For ESCos, Consultants, and Contractors wishing to implement Generize projects, please email:

For entities wishing to invest in Generize projects in their local community, please email:

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